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We Love Your Songs.com

Best New Unsigned Artist Competition Rules


The competitions are open only to unsigned artists, free to join and with great prizes for the most loved artists and songs!


Here the details:

1 - The contests are open only to unsigned musicians, artists and bands.

2 - There are no entrance fees, the contests are completely free to join.

3 - Each artist can upload up to five songs.

4 - The lyrics must be an own, original work.

5 - Entries must be received until the last day of the competitions, but is highly suggested registering as soon as possible to have a higher possibility to get heard and voted.

6 - The Summer edition of the Best New Unsigned Artist competition starts on 12 June 2013 and end on 20 September 2013.

7 - The participation is void in those countries where prohibited; participants are responsible for making sure their entry complies with their local laws.

8 - The organizers of the competition are not allowed to take part in the contest.

9 - Costs of production, registration, etc. about the songs uploaded are not covered from the organizer.

10 - Any songs with lyrics containing racist, insulting and/or defamatory text are not allowed to participate in the competition. Any discriminant speech will not be tolerate also in the form of comment on band's page

11 - You don't have to pay anything to vote.

12 - By taking part in the contest you give to the organizer of the competition the right to present and make available to be listened for free the songs on the web pages of the competition. Before uploading any material you must either have ownership of the copyright, or have permission from the copyright owner to use the material for public viewing, streaming and performance. If you use for the contest copyright material which is not authorised, you may face the termination of your account and possibly legal action from the copyright owner.

13 - Contestants agree that they are responsible for their own submissions, and will take full responsibility if copyrighted material is released. WeLoveYourSongs Ltd is not responsible for illegal copying and spreading of the songs.

14 - The prizes for the winners of the Best New Unsigned Artist competition can be seen at this page - http://weloveyoursongs.com/page/Prize-List.

15 - By uploading a song you declare to have all the rights, licenses and permissions necessary to submit and make available to be listened online your song.

16 - You have read, understood, accept and agree the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. Privacy Policy and Term of Use can be amended without previous notice.

17 - By enter the contest you agree that your song does not and will not infringe or violate any rights of any third party or entity, including, without limitation, trademark, defamation, privacy, patent, copyright, or any other rights.

18 – The organizer of the competitions is WeLoveYourSongs Ltd, a tech start-up based in London, UK.

19 – The organizer of the contest can amend with little changes the rules of the competitions without previous notice.

20 - The organizer is responsible for the counting of the votes. Voting will take place exclusively online at the website and winners of the competition will be determined by the votes of the people, and this is determined by the highest vote count at the end of the competition. The votes you receive for your songs are valid for both the competitions.

21 - Only registered users can vote. Every user could give a maximum of one vote per song.

22 - All persons who have contributed to the song and/or appear in the song submission have given you their consent to submit this song without claims for payment of any kind; and provided permission to include their name with your entry.

23 - The winners of the last edition of the competitions cannot be awarded with the prizes of the current contests.

24 - By taking part in the contest, the contestants agree to respect all the rules listed above here.

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