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Brand story:

Mother all over the world are the same, they want to devote all their love selflessly to their baby. Perhaps the most precious gift mother can give their baby when they are young is the breast milk. The founder of Flovekeepsakeidea is an ordinary mother of 3 children. In order to give her children the best love, she insisted on breastfeeding as long as possible. She felt a lot of hard work in the course of breastfeeding, but also she enjoyed the satisfaction, joy and warmth from her babies. In order to commemorate this intimate ?breast-feeding?period she saved her breast milk in a special way and made it a beautiful keepsake. Gradually, she also make her baby's hair, teeth, etc unique and beautiful keepsakes which can be treasured forever. She successfully developed the complete production kit so that she could share the joy with more mothers. Then more and more mothers start to enjoy the fun of making breast milk and fetal hair keepsakes for themselves and their babies.

Only mother?s love is eternal, let us cherish and remember this great love......

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