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Jiangyin Jia Shanghe Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was established in August 2010, is a professional honeycomb composite new materials research and development, design, production and other integrated companies. Company is located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, the traffic location is very convenient.

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The company mainly produces aluminum honeycomb core distribution, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum honeycomb partitions, new chemical fiber complete sets of equipment and honeycomb rectifier, and other new composite materials products. In the construction industry, we can provide high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminum honeycomb core material to enterprises that produce aluminum honeycomb curtain wall panels, aluminum honeycomb ceilings, aluminum honeycomb marble boards, and aluminum honeycomb cleaners. In the transportation industry. We can supply high-strength honeycomb core and honeycomb board products to the production of subway, light rail, high-speed train doors, interior roof, floor, high speed craft, yacht interior panels, partitions and van. Our product line also includes ventilation guide window, energy absorption block, sound absorption board, advertising exhibition display board, computer drawing board, shock platform plate, honeycomb rectifier, laser cutting machine platform, traffic light guide grating, flat speaker board.

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