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30th Jan

New Review: Dekota




Listening to Premedicated, the EP from English four-piece Dekota, I recall exactly how I became such an advocate of rock music. Here is a band that have seemingly resisted any urge to carelessly thrash out some distortion and scream throughout every song, but produced a raw, moody sound still exhibiting some hard-rock moments.

First track, Dirty Secret is the optimal way to introduce the band to new listeners. Within the first minute one can identify how tastefully the musicians play together and cannot fail to acknowledge how suitably Rob Leeks' voice rides the steady groove of the verse. From Dekota's list of influences, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden are, for me, the foremost discernible (I would also include Black Stone Cherry). The vocals undoubtedly reflect those of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and also Scott Stapp (Creed); their harsh finish fundamental to the band's torn-jeans grunge sound.

Much of the same can be said for the song Rain. From intro, to verse and into chorus, there is a fluid change from heavy riff to acoustic – again Leeks vocals inextricably appropriate. There is an effective play with structure in this track, as with others on the EP, emphasising the last chorus and instrumental finish, where Brian Gore offers some stylish lead guitar.

Dekota demonstrate some versatility with softer, more mellow tune Show You. This is a superb addition to the EP; in the guitar parts and overall tone I am reminded unmistakably of Incubus. A mature, acoustic-based track that succeeds in avoiding clichés. I must however highlight the enervating inclusion of out-of-tune backing vocals in the mid-section. Songs Save You and Shattered  are more akin to the first two songs, although both host more sing-along, melodic choruses. Especially with Shattered, these are the kind of choruses that linger in one's head for days after hearing.

Premedicated is a great EP from a band who are credibly producing some grunge/rock material free from novelty and falseness.

Review by Davey Woods. [Twitter - @DaveyWoods89]

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