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17th Jan

The Tip Jar Effect

tip jar effect

To be totally honest, when most of us give someone a tip, we want them to see us doing so, and we want to be acknowledged for making a contribution.  As musicians that mean we can improve merchandise sales by placing merchandise booths near the stage, and stopping by after a show.

In most cases, the stage is the most visible place in the venue, so if you put the merchandise booth near the stage, people will see that you’re there after a show.  They will be more inclined to stop by and purchase your products if they know you will be there to thank them in person and see that they made a contribution.

You can also try thanking people who pre-order your CDs on your blog or on Twitter.  When people pre-order your CD, send them an e-mail with a link to the blog article or Twitter post with a short thank you message.


Isaku Kageyama - @isakukageyama

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