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13th Jan

Contests Are Coming Back With Prizes Bigger Than Ever!


Here we go, a new year, a new season, and new WLYS competitions are starting!

We are here today to announce new partnerships with three great music companies and the come back of our contests with the Winter Edition of the Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song that will start next Monday 16th of January.

mobile roadie

First things first, Mobile Roadie is still with us, offering an annual package worth $1,200 (€950) to both the competitions winners. For the winning artists it will be possible to create and manage either an Android or an iPhone App with industry-leading quality, customization, and flexibility. Please note that if you choose the iPhone App you will be required to set up an Apple iOs Developer Account and make a $99 payment directly to Apple.

Mobile Roadie allows anyone to create and manage their own iPhone and Android apps. Founded by Brock Batten (Creative Director) and Michael Schneider (CEO) in 2009, they have created over 1500 apps for musicians, sports teams, athletes, venues and businesses. Mobile Roadie is headquartered in Los Angeles and has operations in the UK, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Australia and Brazil.

tracks &  fields

In addition of Mobile Roadie this time will have with us also the cool, Berlin based guys of the Tracks & Fields (www.tracksandfields.com)!

The Tracks & Fields is an international platform where musicians can pitch their music to projects in advertising, film and games. They strive to make the synch licensing process as easy as possible. As a musician, label or publisher you just need to screen the project briefings and decide if and which of your tracks to submit. Some of the projects they found music for include Final Destination 5, eBay, Porsche and Google.

For our Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions they offer us two annual Advanced and one PRO subscription, worth approximately $760 (€600) in total, with which you will get full of premium features. You can find all details here: http://www.tracksandfields.com/page/premium_features .

JMD DistributionAnother partner, another prize. This is thanks to our new collaboration with JMD Music Distribution, which will kindly offer the free distribution of 10 songs to the winners of both competitions, as well as 1 song distributed again for free for the 2nd and 3rd ranked of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest.

JMD Distribution supplies the largest music distribution in the world and provides upstream services for many major labels in search of breakout artists. While most independent distributors reach only 45-50 retailers despite charging needless monthly and yearly fees, JMD Distribution reaches over 750 retailers and mobile partners in over 100 world regions “without” any monthly or yearly fees. JMD Distribution has the resources and network infrastructure needed to seamlessly distribute music, video and mobile products. What makes JMD Distribution unique is their unmatched ability to provide the largest global digital distribution in conjunction with a comprehensive world-wide online marketing campaign to maximize artists hype and exposure.

You think we are done but we aren't, here another great news for you. We have signed a new partnership with the guys from Manchester of Tweak Music Mixing, that will mix and master one song of the winner of the Best New Unsigned Artist competition for free!
Tweak Music Mixing

Tweak Music Mixing is an online music mixing and mastering company working with unsigned artists right through to people like Super Furry Animals, Paul McCartney, Radio 1, James Taylor Qt as well as many others. Their engineers have around 40 years experience between them and they are working mixing music and mastering in the studio and over the internet every day.  Professional mixing and mastering is the key to getting your music sounding it's very best and with their tools and extensive knowledge they can get your music sounding ready for release, radio play or to send out as a demo to record labels.  Feel free to drop them a line to let them know about your project!

At WeLoveYourSongs we have worked hard in the past months, but we are super happy because the prizes we are offering for the Winter edition of our contests are bigger and greater than ever!


Weloveyoursongs contest

Here some more details about the new competitions:

Starting Date: January 16, 2012

Deadline: March 15, 2012

Cost: Free

- 2 X $1,200 packages from Mobile Roadie to build your own iPhone App.
- 1 x PRO membership plus 2 X Advanced membership worth $760 in total, offered by Tracks & Fields.
- The free distribution of 10 songs to the winners of both competitions, as well as 1 song distributed, again for free, for the 2nd and 3rd ranked of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest, offered by JMD Distribution.
- One song mixed and mastered for free for the winner of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest by Tweak Music Mixing.

How to Win:
1.    Be an unsigned artist part of our community on WeLoveYourSongs.com
2.    Upload some of your best music
3.    Encourage your fans to go vote for you!


                                                             GOOD LUCK!

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