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11th Jan

What A Podcast Can Do For You


podcast networking opportunities

To me, the greatest thing about a podcast is the networking opportunity it presents.  Other people or bands that hear about your show will ask to be on it.  That’s a great way to make a new connection, which might lead to you doing a show together.

In order to keep the show interesting, you might choose to have guests.  This is also a great networking opportunity because it allows you to offer publicity to the people you are reaching out to.  Someone you thought was out of your league may come on your show, and I find it’s so much easier to ask them to jam after a 30 minute chat.

If you produce great content, your podcast will help establish you as a leader or expert in your particular genre.  This might not lead to any immediate opportunities, but it will pay off in the long run.

And finally, producing new content keeps the blood pumping through your system, both artistically and from a marketing perspective.  You’re not always going to be coming out with new songs and CDs, but you can’t afford to drop off people’s radars either.  A podcast is a great way to stay on the radar, but in a low-pressure, low-stress way.


Isaku Kageyama - @Isakukageyama

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