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29th Nov

Lights on the Tyrannosaurus Grace !


Tyrannosaurus Grace is a new musical project based in Ellensburg, US. They have a unique mixture of upbeat pop, new wave-waves, electronic - and synth pop, and released the self-titled debut album in 2010.

tyrannosaurus grace

What's The Story Of Tyrannosaurus Grace?

The group initially started in the fall of 2009 when founding members Tim Held and Justin Foss were living halfway across the country from each other, Justin in Oregon and Tim in Michigan.  They had played music together growing up in various bands in their native state of Washington but had not worked together for years due to their distance apart.  At the time each one was working on their own solo projects and showing each other what they had done by emailing their songs to each other.  After a few months of this it dawned on the two that they could use the internet to collaborate on music together and for the next few months they traded files back and forth and soon had nearly and albums worth of material.  The two felt so good about the collaboration that the decided to move back to their native state of Washington so they could collaborate in person and in the spring of 2010 they did just that.  They continued diligently writing and recording.  As word of the project spread they were soon able to bring on some of the areas most talented musicians.  The first to join was drummer Dave Hoffman.  Dave had briefly played in a band with Tim in 2007 and Tim knew he would be a perfect fit for the project.  Shortly after Dave's joining, the group was recording a song which ideally would have a female voice on the track.  Dave suggested his friend Lakyn Bury who was a talented singer/songwriter.  Lakyn agreed and came in a few days later to lay the vocals down.  The group was so impressed with her abilities that they immediately asked her to join the project permanently to which she agreed.  The last member to join was bassist Jeff Gerrer who was also a former bandmate of Dave's.  Once all the members were in place, the band soon finished their first self titled album and began booking shows.  The band continues to write and record and is booking as many shows as possible, slowly but surely building a following around their unique brand of synth-pop rock.


Who Does What in The Band?

Tim Held- Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Justin Foss- Guitar, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Recording and Production
Lakyn Bury- Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
Dave Hoffman- Drums, Drum Programming
Jeff Gerrer- Bass

How’s your music evolved since you moved from working on your music individually to actually work together?

Each member of Tyrannosaurus Grace plays an important and unique role in creating the overall sound.  Initially when Tim and Justin were working on their solo projects, and even working together without the other members of the band, they were able to tackle the parts that they were adept at and sort of faked the others.  If you listen to what we were working on a year ago compared to what we are working on now, the drums, basslines, and some of the songwriting elements are not as unique and intricate as they are now.

How Would You Describe Your Music?

We typically describe the genre as synth-pop/modern rock, but there is also an element of pop-punk in there.  One of our friends described some of our songs as sounding like "Against Me meets The Cars" which we think is a fairly accurate description.

Do You Think It's Been Easier For Independent Bands To Be Heard?

I would say that it's absolutely easier for independent musicians to be heard these days.  With sites such as Myspace, Reverbnation, the numerous blogs focusing on independent music, and of course, We Love Your Songs, it is easier than ever for independent artists to get their music out there and into the ears of people who are interested in finding new and interesting music.  The only problem I see these days is that with so much independent music being released to the public it gets harder and harder for artists to hold someones attention.

How Do You Promote Your Music?

We use the various social networking sites, i.e. Facebook, Myspace, twitter, as well as maintaining our own website/blog.  We also use online tools for artists from sites such as Reverbnation, Nimbit, and LiveMusicMachine.  We try to get most of our online publicity by maintaining a spreadsheet of blogs that cover music that is similar to our and submitting to them whenever we have an interesting story.  We also do street promotion by handing out 3 song demos from our album with printed sleeves that have our logo, website address, and any details of an upcoming show if we have one.

Any Guilty Musical Pleasures?

Well I can only speak on my behalf(this is Justin writing this btw), but I do cringe to admit that I have Ray J's "Sexy Ladies" on my iPod.  Yeah, that's embarrassing.

What Are Your Plans For 2011 ?

We are going to continue writing, recording, and playing as many shows as possible.  We would like to expand our radius down to Portland, OR(we are currently in Central Washington) and possibly move there in late 2011 depending on how well we are received.  We are also looking to expand our online presence by getting more attention from the online media.  We will be working on building some interesting stories around the band within the next year to which the press may take an interest.


The article has been written by Eira of Acuvi, a music blog focusing on new and unsigned music, and the people behind.

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