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4th Jan

Promoting Your Podcast

Promoting Your Podcast


Use your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and website to promote your podcast. If you have an e-mail list, this would be a good time to send out an announcement about a “freebie” that your fans can enjoy. Don’t just limit your promotion to the online world – post flyers, print your podcast URL on the back of your business card, and tell your friends about it!

When you promote your podcast, don’t just focus on getting people to listen to your podcast. Think of how the podcast fits in with all the other stuff you have going on, primarily your other promotions.

Try to create a never-ending flow of traffic from one media to another.  For example, fans come to a live show, where they find out about your website. On your website, direct them to your podcast, where one listener will win a free T-shirt. In order to win the free T-shirt, fans need to Retweet a Twitter post about your next show.

Isaku Kageyama  -  @Isakukageyama

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