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2nd Jan

New Interview: No Stars In The Perimeter


Meet No Stars in the Perimeter. The quirky indie/alt rock duo Tiffany and Chris are from Miami and ready to rock you into 2012.

No Stars In The Perimeter

1. No Stars in the Perimeter formed in 2010. Can you tell us how that happened and what made you choose to form a band with 2 members?  

Well, I (Chris) have been trying to put a band together for many years, but there's always a bad egg in the group that spoils the rest. You might have the drummer hook up with a new girlfriend and don't show up for practice, the bass player refusing to learn the songs and show up to rehearsal unprepared or having to argue with the one person who doesn't like what the rest are doing. 

With a two piece band you eliminate all the unnecessary stress and we've been able to churn out more songs this way than with the so called musicians I've dealt with in the past.


2. What inspires you to create your music?  

Different things. One day we might be inspired by something we might have read about extraterrestrial life, another day it might be some asshole we ran across that pissed us off. Inspiration is everywhere you look.


3. I like your song Strangers from a Distant Land very much. How would you describe your music to say a stranger from a distant land who has never heard your music before?

We would describe our music as being hard hitting and stimulating. We make music that gets you moving without it being "happy". If people are not bobbing their heads, then we haven't done our job. At the same time we don't mind throwing in some songs with a psychedelic feel to them.


4. Name some of your favourite Artists?

I (Tiffany) have to say Mary J. Blige and The White Stripes. Chris is a huge fan of The Doors, The White Stripes, Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Tupac, to name a few.


5. What do you hope for No Stars in the Perimeter to achieve in 5 years time?

First, we really hope the world doesn't end on December 2012 otherwise this would be the shortest musical career in history.

If we're still here by then, we would like to play enough gigs to make a decent living out of it. We really don't want to be famous or millionaires, but it would sure be nice to be able to quit the day job to be able to focus more on honing our craft. 


6. What does No Stars in the Perimeter hope for in 2012?

We hope that we stay healthy and that we are able to finish our full album. We hope that someone likes it enough to record it and distribute it and we hope to play more gigs than last year.


No stars in the perimeter loves weloveyoursongs

7. Tell us about your past gigs and any upcoming gigs for 2012?

So far, we haven't schedule any gigs for 2012 since we've been working on some new material. We'll start gigging sometime mid or late January. We would definitely keep you posted. Our first gig was a disaster. It was a benefit concert at my job (Chris) There were several acts and apparently the sound man didn't know what he was doing and completely messed up our sound. My guitar was making the P.A speakers crackle and he didn't have the tenacity to fix it on the fly...We were shell shocked after that to say the least. It's been good after that though.


8. What do you think of the WeLoveYourSongs community?

We think the weloveyoursongs.com community is AWESOME. You guys are really taking things to a different level, giving virtually unknown and unsigned acts, like ourselves, the opportunity to showcase their work on your website and spread the word throughout the community. And for that, we thank you.



Interview made by Cooki C, a new London based contributor to our blog.  You can follow her on Twitter  @CookichipMusic


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