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27th Dec

Publishing Your Podcast

Apple Itunes

Once you’ve edited your podcast, save it as an MP3 file and upload it to your blog. Most blogging platforms have a way to automatically embed an MP3 to your article. If your blog doesn’t have one, you need to upload the audio file and manually embed it to your blog. If that sounds too technical, you might consider signing up for a free Blogger account.

Another problem you may run into is the type of feed your blog generates. If your blog doesn’t have an RSS feed, you can use FeedBurner to create one. Again, if that sounds too technical, you may consider signing up for a free account on blogging platform.

The next step is to submit your podcast to the iTunes Music Store:


Generally speaking, your podcast will be available within a week, and people can start downloading and listening to your show from the iTunes Music Store. If your listeners subscribe, they can get new episodes downloaded automatically. How cool is that!

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