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6th Dec

Create A Podcast To Promote Your Music




What’s a podcast? If you think of a blog as a self-produced newspaper, a podcast is a self-produced radio show. Radio and music make a great combination, which make podcasting an extremely effective way to promote your music.

Creating a podcast is quite easy. To get started, all you need is a computer, internet connection, and a mic. Since you’re reading this, you probably already have the first two – now all you need is a mic.

In order to create your very first podcast, you really don’t need a high quality mic. A lot of computers have built-in mics which you can use, and you can even use your mobile phone’s voice memo function if you like.

Once you have all your hardware in place, let’s move on to actually producing a show.

Thanks for the support to our friends at Foxy Bingo.

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