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2nd Dec

New Interview: Otherness


This time our interview is with Otherness, a young electro rock & pop collective from La Patagonia, Argentina, now on 4th position of our Best New Unsigned Artist contest. 


1. Tell us about the story of Otherness; how and when did you get together and decided to start a band?

Martin (vocals and guitar), Gonzalo (vocals and bass) and Adrian (music synth) met each other at school, when they were in their early teens. They were born in Comodoro Rivadavia, La Patagonia (Argentina). OTHERNESS hometown is almost 13.000 km far away from London. After a brief project called “Bizarre”, Martin moved to Buenos Aires and 2 years later he was joined by Gonzalo and Adrian and the boys started to play music together again. 

In 2009, Pablo (drums) entered the band and they finally become what OTHERNESS is now.

Music is the universal language. It means freedom of expression and doing what you are. OTHERNESS think GLOBAL CONCIOUSNESS is the main element of rock and pop culture, so being in a band it’s awesome ‘cause it gives you the chance to keep on learning and exchanging new experiences with people from all over the world. It improves your communication skills and it’s such a thrill itself. 


2. What is your musical background?

Well, it’s really diverse. Each member of the band listens to different stuff but at the same time they share lots of music in common. The Clash, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Daniel Johnston, Nirvana, Indian Music, Motown, some electronic music and old pioneers such as Leadbelly, Ray Charles and Johnny Cash. All mixed up by 4 boys from La Patagonia and used to wake up every day with a gust of dry wind punching their faces.


3. How would you describe your music? Who or what are your inspirations?

“All the things you could be by now if your mother in law was pregnant by electro rock & pop young fans in the middle of a Patagonian wild wind area”.

Inspiration surrounds you. You may call it “love”, you may call it “street” then you shall call it REALITY.  


4. What can you tell us about your music making progress?

Martin and Gonzalo write the songs together and sometimes they do it on their own. It works like a songwriting team regarding many times they help each other to “polish” the final “product”. That’s how the music and words “skeleton” is built.  After that process, the boys work the arrangement with Adrian and Pablo in the rehearse room. Once the song is finished, they record it.


5. What are your thoughts about the music year 2011? Any favourite album or discoveries you’d like to share?

It seems that nothing REALLY exciting happened this year, right? At least nothing really exciting is going on with the mainstream music scene. There’s tons of money invested in nostalgia and old glorious bands reunite and blah blah blah. The most amazing stuff we’ve discovered this year is Leadbelly “Last Sessions”. Songs like “I’m Alone Because I Love You” and “Dancing with tears in my eyes”. That’s really really old stuff. It’s so inspiring. No auto-tune, no dehumanized music. That’s the real thing. Rock & Pop music and culture is about integrity and being genuine.


6. What do you do when you’re not making and playing music?

OTHERNESS is a 100% independent and DIY band at this very moment. When the band is not making music and playing music the boys work on-line and with their mobiles in order to arrange gigs and tours and every little thing that may help them to improve their music career. The music biz is going thru a crisis and crisis means “opportunities” for people like OTHERNESS. Anyway, they are not happy at dealing with the management duties.


7. How did you hear about WeLoveYourSong?

Twitter. Someone RT @WeLoveYourSongs (follow ‘em young indie folks off the tw universe!). We clicked on We Love Your Songs site and we found an interesting way of both sharing and discovering new music. The competition is also a wicked tool for promotion and its genuine motivation to encourage your fans to participate and share music. 


8. Have you start planning you next tour? Where would you like to go next?

OTHERNESS is touring La Patagonia and some other Argentinean regions in order to raise money and get ready for the upcoming UK tour. Next? OTHERNESS boys would love to play as many European cities as possible. Anyway, the MAIN GOAL of OTHERNESS is be able to travel the world and play music and interact with many cultures as possible –that’s Europe, America, Asia, Africa, etc.


9. What are your plans for 2012?

We’ve already arranged like 6 gigs in London for April 2012 and we are working with James Hawkins from Oh Inverted World on fixing a professional Tour. We’ve played 23 gigs in London between Dec 2010 and Feb 2011. This time, the main goal of the band and the tour is getting exposure not only in London but also in cities such as Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool. And of course, the rest of Europe: Germany, Holland, France. We are deep into music and we are working hard on make these goals real soon. If you want to help, follow us on TW: www.twitter.com/otherness and FB: www.facebook.com/othernessrock

Every single contact regarding PR, promoters, booking agents, record labels, etc, it’s very helpful for OTHERNESS project. Thanks, mates! ;)

The interview has been prepared by Eira of Acuvi, a music blog focusing on new and unsigned music, and the people behind.

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