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29th Nov

How To NOT Broadcast


The other method of broadcasting is e-mail, which can be extremely effective and dangerous at the same time. It’s effective because you can make a compelling call to action, but dangerous because you could also be labeled a spammer. That’s why I only send out a mass e-mail when I have some kind of freebie like a free download to offer.

How often, and what you should put in a mass e-mail is going to depend on your mailing list. If you’re sending to a group of people who have agreed to receive updates from you, there’s no problem, but you risk dropping off of people’s radars and missing out on opportunities that might arise from simply being on someone’s mind.

My e-mail list consists of people I exchanged business cards with, so I will not send out a mass e-mail more than once a month, and I always try to enclose some kind of benefit such a discount or freebie.


Isaku Kageyama  -  @Isakukageyama

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