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23rd Nov

How To Broadcast


weloveyoursongs broadcastingBy “broadcast” I’m referring to ways you can speak to multiple people at the same time.  The most common way musicians do this is when they talk to the audience between songs.  When you say to the audience, “We have a new CD out and it’s on sale along with T-shirts at the entrance,” that is a form of broadcasting.  It’s the same thing if you appear on TV, radio, or get an article printed in a newspaper or magazine.  You’re doing the talking while many people listen.

Social media has opened up a lot of ways we can broadcast. We now have websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a lot of musicians use audio sites like SoundCloud and WeLoveYourSongs. The first caveat I’d like to share is to use all these sites as one social media conglomerate, rather than trying to do everything on each individual site.

You can do this by designating certain tasks to each piece of social media. For example, rather than uploading videos to both YouTube and Facebook, upload only to YouTube and post the links on Facebook.

In my case, I use YouTube strictly for video, SoundCloud for audio, I post videos and music on my blog, and I use Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic there. Designating roles to your social media will make their purposes a lot clearer, save you time, and make you more effective.


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