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15th Nov

How Twitter Can Help You


One way you can generate interest in your music is by building a strong following on Twitter. A larger number of followers mean a larger audience, and hopefully more CD sales. Your Twitter following can also be used to generate ideas, facilitate contests, and drive traffic to your website and blog.

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For example, run a contest where everyone who Retweets a post about your new CD gets a link to download a free track. Or, ask your followers which one of your songs they like most, and do a remix of it. Twitter is a great way to make the creative process more interactive and involve your fans.

The best way to generate a strong Twitter following is to follow people who have similar interests. If you sound like Bob Dylan, search for people who are tweeting about Bob Dylan and follow them. Check back every once in a while to see if these people followed you back, and if they didn’t unfollow them and follow new users.

You can automate this process by using services such as Followernow.


Isaku Kageyama  -  @Isakukageyama

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