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18th Oct

5 Things Songwriters Can Do To Move Their Careers Forward


I recently stumbled upon an article on BMI.com about 5 things songwriters can do for their careers.  

The five things are:

1. Do One Business Thing Every Day

2. Join or Start A Songwriting Group

3. Don’t Wait For A Publishing Deal To Act Like You Have One

4. Make One Song Pitch Every Week

5. Reply Promptly To Any Opportunity, No Matter How Small.


There are 5 separate bits of advice in the article, but they can really be summed up into “Take Small Steps Every Day”.  Try to build a schedule for yourself where you have 1 hour every day aside from practice to work on your career as a musician.  It’s better to do a little bit of consistent marketing every day, than to do a lot of marketing once every six months.




Isaku Kageyama

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