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14th Oct

Why Get An Attorney?


Many people think they need a manager before anything, but the truth is, you need an attorney before you need a manager. Why? 

Music Attorney

An attorney can and may open doors for you just like a manager, but will not be working with you day to day; scheduling sessions and helping you build records. An attorney will protect your interests, and try to get you the best deal, everytime.

A prominent entertainment attorney will also represent artists, songwriters and producers that you would not normally gain access to, or just may have not connected with yet. Some of the biggest deals have been created through attorneys. If you are able to gain their representation, you take a huge step in gaining access to people who seem unreachable.

If your goal is to get management AND you’ve been with an attorney for some time, your attorney will point you in the direction of managers that they trust and do business with. 

To start this process I would suggest researching or asking other music creators who their attorney is. Even if you want to start feeling a couple people out, it is never too early to start. Hopefully you have a couple things in the works that may require his/her advice, if you’re a producer it is never too early to have an attorney draw up some independent production agreements!




Nicholas Velo

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