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11th Oct

Become Better Known


Why do certain bands sell more tickets than others?  In what ways are they “better” than the bands that don’t sell as well – and most importantly what can you do to emulate their success?  Well, one difference is that the bands that sell a lot of tickets tend to be well known.

Name Brand

When you stop by a club and see a myriad of flyers strewn on a table, you tend to pick up the one of a band you already know.  It’s the same thing at a CD store.

What can you do to become better known?  This is going to sound counter-intuitive, but start by eliminating people.  Only go after the people who are going to be interested in your music.  How do you know who is going to be interested in your music?  Talk to the people who come to your shows.  Find out who these people are and where they hang out.  Go there and reach out to that community.  Become well known in a niche market and that will begin to set you apart.


Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.

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