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7th Oct

Easier Said Than Done: Gain Attention of A&R's


I’ll make this simple, an A&R's main goal is to find a hit song that can (hopefully) change the landscape and direction of music for the next 6-8 months. If you want break into the Music Industry, you must create something that is unique and different. Do not attempt to copy Dr. Luke’s sound or whatever songs are currently on the radio. There are already enough established people attempting to emulate others. As a newcomer, you will not succeed in the long run. Every once in a while a producer/songwriter lands a Top 40 single out of nowhere and is never heard from again. Remember “Womanizer”?

Be Different

With the decline of albums being released, the harder and harder it gets to have your song(s) officially released. The truth is, A-List & B-List producers are going to get a majority of the cuts. Not solely because of their name, relationships, and track record (although these things have a lot to do with it). But also because they are in working with the BEST songwriters, and typically have direct access to an artist, manager, A&R, etc. If you are new producer, you MUST create something that is unique and GREAT to get the attention of others.

If an A&R wants a record that sounds like Dr. Luke produced it, they will get a record from Dr. Luke. By creating something unique, you increase your chances of being heard. There is nothing better than creating a new "sound" Want an example? Look at what “Nothin’ On You” did for Bruno Mars. It opened the door for HIS sound. He then capitalized on it, and went from just being known as a talented songwriter to one of the most widely known artists in the world.

Article written by Nick Velo, experienced music industry professional from Los Angeles,  California.

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