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29th Sep

A New Blog Contributor from LA


Hello music creators,

I’m Nick Velo - Every week I will be contributing to the blog section here at WeLoveYourSongs.com. I currently work in the music industry in A&R, Management, Publishing & Social Marketing. Since entering the music business in 2005 I have worked with a number of top labels, publishers, producers, artists, songwriters, etc etc.

Nick Velo

There are a number of books out on the music business that aren’t relevant and/or realistic. Because they don’t answer the one question I’m asked most, which is “How do I get INTO the music business”. There is no right answer. The rules are broken daily. In this climate it is all about creating unique, hit songs & if you’re an artist, it’s about building a real fan base, one fan at a time. What I want to do is tell you what I believe to be the best ways to get into the music business as a creative person, give you advice based on my personal experiences in the daily grind of the music business, and help you take creating music from a hobby, to something real.






Nicholas Velo

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