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28th Sep

New Interview: Black Vendetta


Black Vendetta is Nathan Virica, a singer and songwriter originally from Harrogate, now living in London. He has so far released one EP ”Cigarettes, Alcohol, love and Injustice’

Black Vendetta Weloveyoursongs

Firstly who is Black Vendetta?

Black Vendetta is my good self. It used to be the name of my band up north (which, incidentally I came up with!) and then when I went solo I just thought it would make a cracking alias and, to some extent an alter ego. Glad you haven’t asked me what it actually MEANS though because I haven’t got a fucking clue!


What’s your musical background? Are you self taught or academic trained?

Well I suppose for pigeonholing purposes you would say I’m self taught but I never really learned the guitar to a very high standard. I just wanted to get to the stage where I could write good songs and now I can. I regard myself much more a songwriter than a musician per say. I had a few guitar lessons when I was at school but that was mainly on classical guitar and the teacher wasn’t exactly up to much. Put it this way, after 7 months of weekly lessons all I could play was “Happy birthday to you”. Felt it might be an idea to teach myself after that!


What were your first musical memories?

My first musical memories were kinda based on trips we used to take to Italy every summer. My grandad has an olive farm there and an old house so we always used to go there during the school holidays and we used to drive down there. My first musical memories were basically of whatever cassettes my grandma put on during said journeys. There was a weird mix of all kinds of suff! Bowie, Queen, Lennon and even Cher! But yeah I used to love that cos I would just stare out of the window for hours on end with the music feeding into my imagination and it kept me really entertained. It’s bizarre too cos at that age I used to think “How the fuck do you write a song?” little knowing that over a decade later it would be what I consider my “craft”.


You moved to London to try out as a solo artist, how is it going so far?

Very well thank you! Better than it ever worked in Harrogate anyway. If you think of the musical legacy of London measured against a Yorkshire town that, to my knowledge has only spawned one artist that had one single in the top twenty once I think I’d have had to have let my guard down pretty bloody badly for London to be working out worse for me!


What can you tell about your live performances?

They’re great, plenty of energy but I would like to have a band behind me instead of backing tracks. Sadly though (as anyone will tell you) bands are a bitch to keep together and were I to go down that route again I won’t have advanced one inch further in my career in 3 years time. But yeah I’m nearly always happy with my performances. The only problem that gets on my tits is the musical snobbery of some who look down their noses at backing track users. I mean for a start I fail to see how someone who plays great, self penned but backing tracked songs deserves less respect than someone who plays covers (or worse, shit original songs) just because they have a full band behind them. Ah well. Fuck ‘em!


What’s the inspiration behind your music?

Well the title of my 4 track EP is “Cigarettes, Alcohol, love and Injustice…that’s about it. It’s pretty self explanatory and user friendly in a number of ways really.


What kind of music do you listen when you’re not playing your own?

Well my favourite bands of all time are Oasis, U2, Guns N Roses, Stereophonics and Supergrass so that’s what I tend to listen to on car journeys etc but to be honest I mainly listen to music when I’m drunk and have access to youtube. Under such circumstances I’ll listen to all manner of crazy shit! It’s like I’ll be sat there supping gin and all of a sudden I’ll think, “Oooooh, I REALLY fancy listening to Welcome Home by Peters and Lee or Jackie Wilson Sweetest Feeling!” Though whether that’s a testimony to my musical taste or borderline alcoholism I’ve no idea! I don’t even have an Ipod.


What TV show would you like to see your music be featured on?

Oh anything and everything really. I don’t think one can be too fussy at this stage in their career. MTV and a 4am slot on the shopping channel are virtually one and the same at this point!


What new project(s) are you working on? What can we expect from you in the future?

Well I’m currently working on a new song which is my best recorded work yet (although I do think that about all my songs when I first record them!). That should be completed as soon as my mate gets his arse in gear and replaces his recently deceased computer which we were recording on so I can get the job done. In terms of what to expect from me in the future? The World! (hopefully!)


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Black Vendetta has been interviewed by Eira of Acuvi, a music blog focusing on new and unsigned music, and the people behind.

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