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27th Sep

Recording Devices and Headphones


Recording Devices and Headphones

What kind of device are you using to record your rehearsals?  And what kind of headphones do you use when you listen to music?  A lot of musicians I know are comfortable recording rehearsals on their cell phones and listening to music on their iPod headphones – but somewhere down the line you’re going to want to invest in some kind of recording device and some headphones.

Why? Listening to yourself will make you a better player, and so will listening to music in finer detail.  No need to go overboard – a lot of good recording devices are available in the $100-150 range, and good headphones are available for less than $100.  You’ll be surprised to hear things you didn’t notice before, and that will be sure to change your playing as well.


Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.

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