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18th Aug

New Interview: Balanov


Ranked in the second position of the past edition of our competitions, Balanov, with his great electronica music, is now on top of both Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist contests on Weloveyoursongs.com .

Balanov WeLoveYourSongs

1.Balanov, What’s your real name Balanov?
Mahmoud Zak. Balanov is my nickname. I am a young music arranger & producer [unsigned artist].
2.What is the best contact email address for you / your band? 
3.What are your band websites / profile links?
4.When and where did you start playing? 
I started producing my music in October 2010. In Cairo, Egypt.
5.Describe the moment that you knew you would become a musician or form a band.
Initially, I was afraid and I feel I will not be able to do something because I didn't study music but was just a hobby.
Then, I found that music is just a sense of the heart translated to sounds and melodies.
I started arranging, and by trial and error, I started to learn from my mistakes every time.
My favorite genre was House/Dance Music, so I produced my first music album "Kick Off" in January 2011. It was just an experiment, and people liked it, hence, I found that I must continue in this field, develop my band heading toward professionalism.
6.How did you come up with your band/performance name? How has it evolved?
I'm known as Balanov, and I chose this name to become the name of the band as "Balanov music", and especially that I am still the only member of the band until now, but I'm looking forward to teaming up with some of my friends as songwriters, vocalists, guitarists etc , to develop my band.
7.What would you say your band/performance is best known for?
I am still in the beginning of my way in music, I love the House music and I am trying to get it in a distinctive form.
8. Tell us about the last song you wrote.
My last track was "Take it Hard" original house mix with oriental taste mixed by me and my friend Omar El Metany.
9. Describe one of your most recent performances. Where and what did you play? What was the experience like? Any interesting stories?
I didn't play live yet, but I entered contests and competitions like:
- The best independent production contest by "Yallafan", and I won 2nd place in this contest for track "Guitreasure" in Electronic music.
- WeLoveYourSongs - Best New Unsigned Artist competition – spring edition , and I won also the 2nd place .
- from my projects " The Golden California project " , I was really amused in this project when I remixed the Classical song " Hotel California " in two different remixes [house remix & oriental remix].
10. What words of wisdom do you have for other musicians who are just getting started?     
Be patient to get your dream.
11. What new project(s) are you working on? What can we expect in the future?
The coming period will witness a great development in my future music.
I am about to finishing my next album, it will be the first professional House music album in Egypt, and it will include many great mixes.
It will release coming soon. Its name is "Bazooka", I will put a new track from this album on my WeLoveYourSongs profile, and this news is exclusive for you. 
12. What else would you like to share with fans?
I just want people to listen my music and for this they can visit my WeLoveYourSongs or Facebook page where they will find my tracks to listen and download for free.
13. What is it about WeLoveYourSongs that you love? How has WeLoveYourSongs helped you?
I love WeLoveYourSongs enthusiasm in helping and supporting the new talented unsigned artists and the facility of interaction between artists.
This Q&As has been partly made by our friends of uPlaya. A big thanks to them from the WLYS team!

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