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23rd Jun

The Ryan Calder Band Won !


The nice guys of the Ryan Calder Band finally made it!  The RCB is a 5 piece band playing a positive, upbeat South African acoustic rock. They have spent the last five years touring around South Africa, released the second album “On the Edge” in 2010 and have now won the Spring edition of our Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions with a great song called Loving Every Day ! 

Ryan Calder Band

For those interested to know more about these cool guys is possible to listen to their songs on the band page they have on WeLoveYourSongs, read their interview on our blog and take a look to the RCB official website !

Contacted immediately after the end of the competitions to let them know they were the winners, here it is what they wanted to say: “We’re very pleased to have gained so much momentum in this competition. We like the concept behind the WLYS website and we are very thankful to everyone who voted for our songs, as well as anyone who just listened to our music! We hope that anyone reading this is inspired by the message in our music, and the RCB is looking forward to getting around to different continents in the near future.”

After them, in the second place of the Best New Unsigned Artist and the Best New Song, we have a very talented unsigned artist, again from Africa, Egypt to be specific, called Balanov, that with his Electro music has been in the first position for long time, duelling with the RCB until the very last day of the contests. The third place of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest has been taken by Chris Raw, from the Philadelphia Area in the US, with his underground indie hip hop music.

A big hug is for every unsigned artists and bands that have participated in the Spring edition of our contests on WeLoveYourSongs.com and to all the music fans that have voted for the tracks they loved more! A huge thanks goes as well to our partners, that have kindly offered some fantastic prizes for the winners. A ticket worth €250 to attend the Future Music Forum in Barcelona, some cool merchandise from CheckMineOut and two promotion packages from uPlaya!

At WeLoveYourSongs we are now already working on the Summer editions of our contests, for which we have already secured some new big prizes and about which more details will be revealed next week!

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