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17th Jun

First Tip: Create Buzz

As artists we all have a couple things in common: a passion for music and a dream  of building a life long career doing what it is that we love. Even the most talented musician cannot stay above water without putting these 5 elements into practice. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for each of these fantastic tips! 

 Crowd at a gig

 Let's start with our first tip - CREATE BUZZ

People have to be aware of y ou and your music. A great way to do this is to promote yourself both with online and offline promotions . Uploading your best music, making it easy and free to be listened by anyone on Weloveyoursongs.com and spreading the word through your favorite social  networks is a great start no doubt, but it’s essential that you go out playing gigs as well! Play live gigs until your voice is hoarse and your frets are worn. By doing so, you let fans do the promoting for you. Word of mouth becomes your friend. Even if a few people see you play and enjoy it, they tell their friends who then check out your site and send a link to their friends, that will check you out on Weloveyoursongs.com, and all of a sudden you have a larger fan base to whom you can promote your future shows!  Remember you can now list your upcoming gigs on Weloveyoursongs.com – to do so you have to login to your account, click on "My Events" on the top right corner of the page and insert from there your list of upcoming concerts. A box with your list of future events will then appear on your artist page.


Article written by Kaelan MacNeill, Audio Professional, Event Coordinator and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.

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