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15th Jun

Designing Your Band's Website

A recent article on Hypebot.com by Michael Brandvold, a music industry marketing veteran, made it clear that the most important things to keep in mind when creating design factors websiteyour band’s website is for it to be user friendly.  FAN FRIENDLY. The use of Flash and great-looking-over-the-top graphics are good but should come secondary to ensuring your site is easy for fans to navigate. “The website makes it easy for me to find what I want,” was the answer given by 76% of consumers when asked what really matters when is comes to a website.

This holds true for an artist’s site; you want it to be easy for a fan to find your bio, stream and listen to a song off your newest album, be able to sign up for your email list, find out when your next show is, and the list goes on.

As well, it is key to make sure fans know of your site and can get to it equally as effortlessly. Put a link on your WeLoveYourSongs profile page could give you a bit of help for obtaining that. This way, for all the traffic of fans and industry people that comes through WeLoveYourSongs, they can be directed to your website if they would like to find out  more.


Article written by Kaelan MacNeill, Audio Professional, Event Coordinator and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.

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