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13th Jun

1 Week to Know the Best New Unsigned Artist

weloveyoursongs logoWe are just 1 week away from the end of the Spring edition of our Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions where you could win a ticket worth €250 for the Future Music Forum in Barcelona, some great merchandise from CheckMineOut and a uPlaya promotion package !

The deadline to enter your songs and get voted is Tuesday 21th of June (10PM GMT). Both contests are free to enter but open only to unsigned artists. By registering on Weloveyoursongs.com you will be automatically part of both competitions.

The winners of the last competitions were the Roman Holiday, an alternative pop rock band from Seattle, followed at short distance by the Tyrannosaurus Grace with their exhuberant synth pop music! At the moment Balanov is leading the ranks, followed by the cool South African guys of the Ryan Calder Band and by Chris Raw with his underground hip hop music. Tons of other artists are just few votes away. It looks extremely difficult to make a bet on the winners, everything is still completely open!

How to Win:

  1. Visit WeLoveYourSongs.com and create an artist profile.
  2. Upload some of your best music
  3. Encourage your fans to go vote for you

Good luck buddies and keep rock on!

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