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6th Jun

Featured Artist: Chris Raw


Chris Raw is an underground, indie, hip-hop artist from the Philadelphia Area. He began writing in 2002 and started recording in 2005 and has been experimenting and expanding his mind to the world of music ever since. As of now, he is unsigned and plans on staying that way for a while.
Chris Raw lyrical abilities mixed with his own style of raw flows with a different variety of beats makes for great music that any underground hip-hop head can enjoy. Chris Raw describes his music as “Underground digging it’s way to the top” and with more and more listeners every day, he is definitely on his way up…
Anyone who makes or produces music is going to find motivation in music itself, and Chris Raw is no exception. Music is his life, or, at least a huge part of it. Chris’ influences in music spands across various different generes; whether it’s hip-hop or heavy metal, acoustic rock or country, dubstep or techno, Chris finds inspiration in it all. Like he says, “If it’s good music, it’s good music!” Other influences on Chris and his music includes: current events that shape our world, his family, friends, and supporters and his own life and the daily experiences he encounters (positive or negative). Chris tries to incorporate all of these things in his music while also being laid back, being random, using clever punchlines, and just having fun showing off his lyrical talent.

Chris Raw

If you listen to Chris Raws music you can tell how diverse and lyrical his songs can be. 

In 2009 he released his fan-appointed single “Drink Ya Haterade” which featured Australian superstar Skyo along side Bostons up and coming hip-hop aritst J.Lye. It was an instant classic with underground rap fans and will be featured on Chris Raws up and coming mixtape “Raw & Uncut: The Mixtape”. Another song that you will find on the mixtape is the raw and rugged song “Ima Monsta” which features Chris’ best friend Neek Da Demon (West Chester, PA), Blacc (Trenton, NJ), and Jema (Detroit, MI) who creates a memorable hook that everyone can identify with. Chris Raw has also released a number of other songs in the past few years such as the somber “I Sold My Soul” and the street anthem “Click Click” among others, as well as a few freestyles he has recorded.
In addition to making records Chris, like any serious artist, has performed live. Although Chris hates performing live, he says that he is slowly overcoming his stage fright for the fans. He has only had 2 shows in his short career but plans on doing more in the near future as he continues to release more and more music. And with more and more music being released the more loyal the fanbase will be. Speaking about fans, Chris has gotten quite a buzz over the internet with a fanbase of around 1,000+, more than 100,000 listens worldwide, and more than 500+ downloads. With this little taste of success Chris admits he still has much more to improve on and says there is always room for progression and always time to experiment with new and better things. With that being said, the only way to move forward is to have the motivation and dedication to do so…And those elements are as strong as ever in Chris Raw lately…

“Raw & Uncut: The Mixtape” is the first mixtape ever by Chris Raw and he hopes everyone enjoys listening to it as much as he enjoyed working on it. Chris looks at this mixtape as the first stepping stone on his journey of success. He hopes the feedback is positive as well as negative, because like he said before, there is always something to improve on. But his main goal is to just get people to listen and respect underground hip-hop as it should be respected. “Raw & Uncut: The Mixtape” is set for June 28th and can be downloaded for free! Although it’s more hip-hop/rap oriented it will still include a wide range of songs with different types of beats, styles, and lyrics that anyone can enjoy and appreciate!
Chris Raw is also working on “Raw & Uncut: The EP” which will be a lyrical masterpeice with a more broad journey through hip-hop. It will be released in early 2012 and will feature many great artists with a few big name artists as well. Chris says he is also expanding his abilities to the world of electronica, techno, and dubstep and will also start collaborating with more R&B and acoustic rock artists as well. Chris is excited about everything coming up with his music and hopes his fans are as well. He will continue to work on his music, network and collaborate with different people in the music business, and will also move forward with his skills in web design. His main goal? To make people listen, understand, and love. Oh, and also to have people never forget the name Chris Raw…

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