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20th Apr

New Competitions and New Features!

After have gifted last week 5 tickets for the MusicConnex conference in London, worth £199 each, to Lauren Housley, WKB, Lorena Cueva, C.T.G. (Change The Game) and Neutral Nomad, winners of a contest hosted on our blog, we are now here to announce that the Spring edition of our Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions have now started!

We have now also implemented some new features on the site for you, such as the possibility to add your next gigs/concerts in your page. To add an event you have just to login on your account and once logged go on "My Events", in the top right corner of the page.

For the happiness of most of you in this edition you will be able to listen and vote for the songs you love for free, just by clicking on the LOVE button!

The competitions will finish Monday 21 June 2011, when the winners will be announced. The Bew New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist contests are open only to unsigned artists, free to join, with great prizes such as 2 Marketing Suites of
uPlaya Premium Services, online promotion and lot of exposures from WeLoveYourSongs.com through our media contacts and a community, that counting the people following us on our Twitter, Facebook and Myspace pages, is now composed by more than 50,000 persons. Other prizes will be announced later!

Now it's time to call your fans to action! Rock On!

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