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20th Mar

Artist Review: Roxx Hoffner & The Straightjackets



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2240

#1 Ranked “Best New Unsigned Band/Artist” of 2012, and there’s lots of advertising happening on this page! We do get to find out the lineup, which is somewhat helpful. And there’s a lot of thanks for the support and opportunity to post music. There is a cool fan comment noted, saying that this kind of a throw back sound to old school rock n’ roll, “a little Dylan and Lennon influence in creating a unique style.” Otherwise, not much on the band, so let’s let the music speak for itself I suppose!

“Sometimes” gets going, and this ain’t no Britney Spears cover here people. The guitars are hard and real right off the bat. The unfortunate thing is that I hear some hints at singing, but can’t make out the words in the least bit. In trying to ignore that fact, I suppose I can appreciate the rest of the music as something that just feels like home.

Whoa, okay, in totally different news, we get “What Did I Do-Mix5-MasterFINAL.mp3” (and there’s some file extension listed from the upload. Whoops!). There’s drums here, and a much loose string beat happening. I like how live this sounds, and almost wish we could hear an audience reaction too (and I say this as a less-than-in-love-with live recordings person). For once, I could care less that it’s a really rough-around-the-edges track. This is pretty great.

“Touched My Hear (REMIX 10/14/2012)” is probably the sweetest thing so far. It’s simple and the reverb is… well, that kind of sucks. As the song goes on, it gets a little draggy, with the vocal effects on the mic taking their toll on the ears.

We cut this one short! At only four songs, the last one we’re given is “Short Fuse,” and this has got to be straight out of the 90’s as far as I’m concerned. It’s kind of fun all around though. The recording style’s much different here, not sounding live or rough, but rather quieter (volume-wise) and more polished. Really crazy range of things to hear throughout, but this is a definite strong way to finish things out.

I hated the rest of the page personally (who are you??) but the music is pretty dang good. I’d book these folks for a local gig, easy. They’re made for a bar on a Saturday with people looking to either kick back or get up and dance. I like what we’re offered up, despite the unpolished nature of the overall band, and there’s something solid.


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