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9th Jan

Artist Review: Akcay Karaazmak


Akcay Karaazmak


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2671

Well, I’ll be the first to admit – awesome intense picture.

Originally from Turkey, Akcay has been developing a passion for music for a long time now. He started with a guitar and eventually also picked up the drums. Asaradel was his first band, and his first album was distributed by ten countries. Three more albums were recorded, made a fourth demo album in England, and worked on a masters in computer engineering. This is about when he gravitated toward electronic and trance music, eventually returning to Istanbul to continue his career. Now? Still recording, even being referred to as alt-rock, but on top of bringing us the music we’re about to hear, this fellow runs a game development studio and directs an animation and visual effects company.

“Hey You” kicks things off in, well, a (musically) delightful way. It’s pleasant and sweet sounding. The vocals leave something to be desired, as the tone is just a bit off, and the notes seem entirely out of place. But I’ll live with it if for nothing more than to hear that great guitar and beat keeping up.

Why do I keep getting artists that fancy themselves Billy Corgan? I bet if I were a fan, this would never happen. Anywhos, “Fake Smile” is where we’re going to start hearing the electronic elements coming in apparently. There’s an off metal bending sound (if you’ve ever gotten to do a cool fun-with-sounds unit or museum exhibit, you may know what I mean) that is just disorienting.

“Smiling Lights, Black Kisses” is an intriguing title for sure. The song itself? Well, something is left to be desired. Like a voice that can carry an appealing melody, for one. Sorry, that was harsh…

And yet again, an interesting title in “Fall Of The Drama Queen,” accompanied by an equally interesting instrumental take. Actually, most of this music would be just fine on its own without lyrics overtop, and I don’t say that very often (hi, I’m a lyrics addict). I’m also noticing an actual huge lack of electronic or trance elements. No wonder he falls under alt-rock more often.

Dear god, the music for “Paranoid Star” is really very fantastic. Everything is put together incredibly well… just ignore the vocals. I hate saying things like that, but really, that’s just what brings down the entire thing.

So end result? A new voice would round out this whole collection really nicely. Since I don’t think that’s an option, I’ll keep my commentary to the music itself, which was downright inspired. The instrumentation is something to build on for sure, and I’d be interested to see how this evolves in the future.


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