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2nd Dec

Artist Review: Faith, My Atheist Love


shane sparks


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An Indie rocker from Canada, ladies and gents, say hi to Shane Sparks. “Emotional charged, intimate indie rock” is apparently what we’re in for today. He’s got a debut album form 2010 telling the story of the ending of his long marriage, and an EP from 2011 on “complication, alienation, and disconnect of middle class adult life.” Fell ready? Me too!

“Sweet Fear” starts us off loud and proud. It’s nothing short of indie rock, that’s for sure. The vocals sound a slight bit hollow somehow, with odd harmonies that you make not be able to place – and if you can, let me know.

Next one up is the more gentle “Gulls.” The vocals are still darker, and a bit weird against the lighter music, but we’ll go with it. There’s also this tease-like element to it, as we wait for it to erupt into something exciting, but the music keeps pulling back instead. It’s not that it never does, it just doesn’t when I want it to.

“High Achievers, Part 3” is probably my least favorite song so far. That’s probably because it sounds so much like Smashing Pumpkins, and I can only take them in small doses and I already heard them today.

So this next one has an interesting computerized element in it. “The Start Of Our Descent” is a great mixture of computer and rock, which is a hard balance to strike. It’s out there, but it’s not out of reach. The grinding sounds don’t even seem to get on my nerves nearly as much as I would have expected.

“Transmissions” ends things out in a final little attempt to mix the previously thought unmixable. I want a better voice over this, but everything else actually falls together pretty nicely. The mix is solid and even polished, something you don’t hear from homemade music all that often. This is a nice impression to leave as we head out from this experience.

So yes, things here were a little different from the ordinary. The sounds weren’t at all what you might hear on mainstream, but let’s face it – that’s probably not the goal here anyway. Overall, a really great effort that leaves me… okay with if I heard more.

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