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14th Nov

Artist Review: E-Manuel



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This is a guy who seems to live off of hate. He says that as he rises to the top, more haters appear. I mean, yes, but does that have to be your basis? It does work for heel wrestlers I suppose. And the self confidence is a good quality, because you have to stay really strong to make it in this industry. Don’t know anything about his music from this blurb, but let’s see what we get.

“So Fly” hits hard and fast. It’s tough and loud. His beat’s actually pretty great. The mix needs some work and polish, but things are actually not bad for a go-around. And hey, every rapper has to have his quintessential bragging song.

Oh man, with a name like “Snappin Ape Shit,” this better be amazing. It’s lower-toned for sure, bringing in the bass vocals a bit more. It almost doesn’t sound like the same rapper. Nonetheless, we’ll assume it’s still this one guy. Again, great backing beat. It’s steady and feels good to bounce to.

“Friends” has a little spoken intro, sort of capturing a good time with some friends (I’m guessing). That fades out, and E-Manuel comes up saying that he’s… never really had friends and is completely alone. Dear God… this is really a sad song. I mean, “no one believes in me” – really? How can you think that little of yourself or any of the people around you. I just don’t buy this song at all.

Ha, long title and I don’t speak the language or whatever is happening at the start of this next one. “To The Depths (Bengie & Mike Diss 1).” Sounds like an effect was used, and this also sounds like a good horror/Halloween song. It also sounds like there is some serious pent-up hostility going on here.

“Piece Of Shit Nah! “Bengie Diss 2” (Ft. Miser-T)” rounds things out. Same tone, if you were curious. But hey, the track features somebody else, so E-Manuel mush have at least one friend! Heh… heh… ugh…

What in the world was all of that? Honestly, I just want a glimpse inside E-Manuel’s head and find out what brought about all of these. So intense, and so much going on. The guy’s a great rapper, but where’s the good in life at all? I can’t take so much constant negativity. Even Eminem smiles sometimes.

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