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16th Feb

The Roman Holiday are the winners!


The first edition of our Best Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions is finally over, with the Roman Holiday, a cool new band from Seattle, Washington, composed by Shane Lance (lead vocals, guitar), Emerson Shotwell (drums, percussion), Daniel Collins (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Nick Howard (bass guitar, backing vocals), winning both contests with a great song called The Long Way Home. If you are interested to know a little bit more about the Roman Holiday you can take a read to their interview we have made a couple of weeks ago that you can find here.

We have been in contact with them in these last days asking what they were feeling to be the winners of the first edition of the WeLoveYourSongs awards and if they wanted to say something to their fans. Here a quote from their reply:

"We're honored to have won the WeLoveYourSongs competitions.  We greatly appreciate all of our fans for voting so passionately in support of us.  We pour our hearts and souls into the songs that we write, so your support means the world to us.  We feel that having won this competition is a stride forward in our career, and we look forward to seeing what comes from it.  One of our main goals this year is to expand our international fan base, so we believe winning this U.K. based contest is going to be a vital part of that growth.

We encourage any and all artists to participate in the WeLoveYourSongs competitions next time around!"

After the Roman Holiday, in the second position of the Best Unsigned Artist competition, and with 3 songs in the top 5 of Best New Song competition, we have another great band from Washington called the Tyrannosaurus Grace. In the first ten positions after them we have Alfia Yussupova, Mark Marshall, Kigity K, Saints of a New Age, Sertari, Dream Reaper, Alin and Rooster. All unsigned musicians of a very high artistic level!

A huge thanks go to them but also to all the other unsigned artists that have registered on WeLoveYourSongs.com and to the music fans which have voted for their favorite songs. And also to Acuvi.org, a music blog focusing on new and unsigned music, which has helped us a lot with interviews and other things, to uPlaya which has offered some great prizes for our competitions, and to all the cool guys at Buckle Consulting for the great work on the technical side of the contests.

There are many things going on here at WeLoveYourSongs now and more details will be revealed in the next few days about some changes on the website and about the new competitions we are organizing!  STAY TUNED!

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