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6th Sep

Artist Review: Svan and the Pocket Orchestra



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/4538

For an act that’s been around since 1995, there’s little to no info other than that here. Disappointing. ‘Spose it’s time to just dive in.

“How I was a bird” starts us off. Remember, we’re talking about a band from… where are they from? Almaty. Thanks to that little sidebar for that info. The song is methodical, laying layers on top of each other building something really interesting, mostly out of tones and rhythms. If this is what we’re in for, it could be a really incredible ride.

Bells! Cute, sweet little bells! “AcidJazz Party” is adorable and fun. It’d be really nice if… well, if you’re on an acid trip. It’s very flow-y and sweet. I really dig it as I’m getting things done around the room. Nice arrangement Svan!

“Lady D (feat. A. Volkonsky)” is simply fascinating to me. There’s a Californiz guitar strum there that screams highway, but a tight beat kept by the strings that won’t let you quite loose yourself to the wind. There are a few more layers that come on, which I suppose was necessary to create an entire song, but that under-lying start is that draws you in and just won’t let you leave, even as the words come in that you just don’t understand.

Please tell me the “B” in “Crazy B.” stands for what I think it does. The sounds at the start certainly seem to support that statement. It’s almost like… if I said electronic reggae, would that make any sense whatsoever? Because that’s what I’m getting a vibe for here.

“WhatlesTails (by Coctou Twins)” might be where this band looses me. I like the saxophone, but I don’t like the airy in-and-out feel. I can still maintain that appreciation for something very different and interesting though – that’s certainly not lost in the least bit.

As we wrap it up here, I have to land on the side of enjoying this. I wasn’t given any reason to care at the beginning (please write a bio or something, PLEASE), but I’m glad I stuck around for the music. And hey, that’s what we’re all here for, right?

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