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21st Aug

Artist Review: Wine Red


wine red

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/4879

Meet Wine Red, an alternative band from Turkey. They are made up of Batuhan (vocalist), Mert (guitar), and Burakcan (guitar). And that’s all we get to know on their page. Please let the music make me care, because under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t stay on this page.

“Stupid Goodbye” launches in first with a really light sound. Just a voice and a guitar gives the thing a nice little sound. The vocals are a little muffled and rough, but it may just add to the sound a bit. I appreciate that the song is easy to listen to as a starter.

We get another layer of guitar work for “Tattooed Woman.” Again, the voice is low, but here it works, especially with the little taste of grit that makes the song work even better. Imagine this kind of song in the back of a smoky bar. It’s prime for a TV spot for sure, I could see it now.

“South” is a little too quite for me to pick up much lyrically. I love the beat of the guitars though, and the song keeps going really well. Okay, starting to catch some of the lyrics, and I’m sure this really makes for a great traveling song. There’s some gem lines in there, and again, the guitars carry the whole thing in a really cool way of movement. I can dig this one.

Think old school Beatles for the start of “Dance & Mess,” and then it goes into dark back-corner country. It’s probably, again, the vocals that make things that way. Ooh, maybe it’s all the “True Blood” I’ve been watching, but think bone-chilling end credits of that show too. Or just listen to the song and know what I mean.

“Lonely Days” is the final song offered up on this site, and possibly the most fast-paced. The Guitars keep up this good beat, though I’d caution them not to loose the vocals under that great strumming. But something strikes me – the feeling in the voice. It’s a really nice and welcome touch when you can hear that a singer is that into the words they’re putting out there.

There is something fantastic happening here. Sure, there’s some cleaning up production-wise that needs to happen. And I wouldn’t hate it if there was another instrument or two added in (leave the guitars alone for the stripped-down live special album), but there are bare bones of great music, and that’s more than I think I’ve heard in a while.

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