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12th Jul

Artist Review: Christopher Hubbs


chris hubbs

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/5347/Christopher+Hubbs

So, first off, that’s a pretty great cover picture.

Secondly, we get a short but sweet bio on this acoustic rock / classic rock / blues artist from St. Louis, MO. He seems to have settled around the southern Chicago area and works locally, spending free time writing and recording music. He just writes from life experience and feels that he brings an extra twist to music that’ll sound somewhat familiar to your ears.

“Mary Morphine” starts off the list of songs on the page. The chords that come in have this twisting sound about them, sort of as close to trance as I feel like a live band tends to get. This sounds like something straight out of the late 60’s, which I hope he’ll take as a compliment. It’s very chill, yet probably has more depth than that sound allows as your grooving without thought.

I really like the gentle nature of “Sweet Sister” as it comes in. It’s just a nice way to start a song. Then you get into the lyrics, and, well, it seems like a saving grace song. It’d make a great driving song too, even in the rain. Overall, it seems like a really nice approach to finding new love, and is done with a really different set of words.

“Wake Me” takes on an interesting layering of strings. It’s sort of transient, but then the vocals are really what pull through the echoing of the song. It’s dream-like, though maybe we should have expected that with the title of the song. Who knows?

If George Harrison is not one of this man’s influences, I’d be shocked. I hear so much of George’s sweet sounds in these tracks, but with an added rock influence. “I Can See” is no exception, and that rock is brought about as the drums come in and provide the harder beat.

“Simplething” is probably the least simple track given to us on this page. It’s got a rock sound harder than all of the rest, taking things much more to the place of rock than hippie-ish. The vocals are even much harder. Just a different side of the dude, I suppose.

So this was kind of fun. I mean, the music’s a little different than the typical stuff we’re hearing these days. The music is polished, and the lyrics are well-written. Overall, this was pretty good stuff. It’s a nice build for an artist that should, by all rights, have a good future.

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