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5th Jun

Artist Review: Khaos One



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/217/KHAOS+ONE

No explanation for this rap artist. That’s that. Nothing to go off of – so first piece of advice: make me care.

“Koolaid” (yes, really) comes at us a little low (I’m missing a lot of the words at the beginning). It’s got a deeper feel to it than I think I would have expected from a rap artist. It revs up eventually though, but this is definitely less on the party side of rap. It’s an interesting way to start things off.

Yah know, I expected “Sizzle Hot” to play like a light, street smart, summer tune. Instead, it works farther down tone-wise and is more fit for the dark, late-night club than the sunshine-y day. It’s okay. The beat’s deep and you feel it in your bones.

“Hustla” has a rather familiar beat. As in I may have heard it just a few minutes ago. You’ve got to get that personal explanation/anthem song in though. Tell ‘em what you’re all about. I think the chorus on this one comes across a little jumbled and hard to deal with, but he keeps it going, strong and assured.

Does anyone else ever listen to these kind of tracks and imagine guys sitting around a studio listening back to them, nodding along with the beat? Just me? Cool. So this is “Smooth” which makes an attempt to create a chorus, but it’s a little fuzzy. I like the steadiness in the rap though – it’s not abrasive, and maintains throughout without being awkward. Generally, it’s sort of a growth for the artist.

“Make It Tight” has a lot of potential. The rap has a great rhythm to it, and the backing is simple enough but keeps things going. The gripe I think I have with this song is the chorus vocals. They’re lazy and the harmonies hurt. Fix that though, and this song could be pretty dang good.

Again, I went in to this with little to care about other than the music, since there’s absolutely no introduction to the artist on the page. But you work with what you have I suppose – and here, that tended to be slight glimpses of something good, masked by attempts that seemed half-hearted.

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