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22nd May

Artist Review: dePhaser


Artist Review: dePhaser


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/455/dePhaser

This artist seems to use their bio as a little hype, but a nice balance of appeal to the audience. You get your general explanation of the band and their background. It’s not the most articulate little explanation, but it does kind of make the band relatable. Maybe a little cleaning up to do, but I’m willing to see what’s next.

“Givin’ Up” is first up, and it’s a little darker than expected, I have to say. The vocals are in a lower register, though the lyrics are hopeful. Hm… we may be on to something here it this keeps up. They have a solid rock sound happening.

We get hit harder and faster with “It’s Over Now,” bringing just a little more of a mainstream rock sound to it. You know, these guys do have a sound to them that I’m sure would play out very well on some rock stations. It’s dark, but not so much that folks couldn’t get into the sound and find lyrics that speak to them.

“Vs” actually adds in this almost dance-ish beat in the background. I think it’d have folks moving on the floor at a show for sure. Again, a deeper vocal gives a darker sound (I know I’ve said that three times now), but I don’t know – these guys have something interesting going on that I think can reach out. Even at the start of this song, I was almost looking for a reason not to like something from them, but they keep coming at me with good music.

Oh man, talk about hooked at the get-go. “Glorious” starts with a call out in the voice and the whole song rocks loud and fantastically. These guys just keep getting better and better and I’m so excited to have stumbled upon them at this point.

“Forgotten Words” ends us out on this one. It’s got a rougher sound in the recording, which is slightly disappointing, but it comes in, more-or-less, like a rock ballad of the 80’s. I’m also a child of Jersey and lover of Bon Jovi, so maybe I’m playing hopeful here. But this is definitely an attempt at an apology song. It’s a tougher one compared to the rest, but the idea is right.

Man, there is some seriously good music going on here. These guys are well on their way to an excellent sound. It needs to balance between a little more polished and no losing the rough edge, but I sincerely enjoyed starting to hear what they have to offer!

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