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2nd Feb

New Interview: Sertari


Sertari is a UK based singer and songwriter, known for her comprehensive musical style, which includes RnB, electronica, hip hop and pop.
She has already worked with some of the most talented and influenced people in the industry and had several nominations, including; best live act, best song and a nomination in the International Independent Artist Awards.


Who is Sertari?
I am a singer/songwriter and producer, I love writing and being in the studio and not forgetting performing on stage, I get a huge buzz when on stage and love to entertain people, I come from a very musical Greek Cypriot family, I guess this is where i developed my passion for music.

You’ve been involved with music since you were young, how did you know this was your way to go?
From a young age I was introduced to all kinds of music from, Classical, world music, jazz, pop, rock RnB. My Dad played the accordion and traveled on cruise ships playing and singing the Greek classics and the chart hits, My dad would always play the accordion at home and we would always grab the mic for a good ol sing song!
Mum on the other hand was very operatic, there was always some sort of music being played or someone singing so it was for me my natural path and a desire of what i wanted to do.

What’s a typical day like?
I wake up thinking of music, i go to work humming music and come home recording music : )

Do you write your own songs? What’s your inspiration?
I write all my own music, I also work with a great producer Benjaming K, when we get together we bounce ideas off each other, it is so great to be in the same room where you can be open and creative. I use to write about personal experience but now i’m am having a lot more fun and write about anything i want, my latest single ‘ Platform 22′ was written about catching a train – simple, but it was written with many metaphors and references about life etc.. I love building a story in my songs and to be very visual when writing.

What kind of music are you listening to at the moment?
Many things, I try to keep up to date with whats happening in the charts but i also love listening to some of my fav artist and bands, just to name a few Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Audio Slave, Michael Jackson, No Doubt, Nightwish, madonna, Andrea Bocelli, DNA and the list goes on..
However i do like to listen out for those jems either through youtube or a random search on Ituens that you would not normally hear on the radio for example Carl Sagan – ‘A Glorious Dawn’ i think this is a beautiful mix and very clever.

You are soon releasing a new EP – what can you tell us about it?
My New EP is out on Itunes and most online stores on the 1st February called ‘ Pandora’s Box’ – I have given the EP this title because I like the idea behind Pandora’s Box, in life no matter what happens there is still Hope.

How much do you use internet and social media to promote your music, and why did you decide to join WeLoveYourSongs?
I use most social sites to promote my music, i guess since the internet, it has been a great tool to find new music and also to promote music.
I was recommended to sign up to WeLoveYourSongs – It is a great way to introduce your self and meet new people, also i have checked out other bands/artist – it is good to hear new things and connects you to another social community.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your musical success?
I guess as an unsigned artist this would have to be that you need to manage your time well and allow yourself to create music as these days you cannot forget to do your own promoting, marketing, websites etc also not forgetting having to find funds for recording, videos, mixing, mastering and artwork. The key is to think of your self and your own business and take it as far as you can, saying that, i find it fun and exciting to have a passion in life and more then happy to work my musical behind off to achieve this.
A great quote i have heard is this:
“Many of Life’s failures are people who had not realised how close they where to success when they gave up”

And lastly, what’s the plan for 2011?
Well first up the EP Pandora’s box is out on Feb 1st and very excited about it, you can also get it though www.sertari.com
I get involved in lots of charity work and will be releasing a single in March where all donations will be going to the Great Ormond street Children’s Hospital – a great charity close to my heart. My Producer Ben is also running the London Marathon for this charity so all donations are welcome through this link
I am also working with a few US artists including J Ivy who featured on Kanye West’s album and is known by many in the USA http://j-ivy.com/ this track will be on my next Album release. I am in talks with media in the US including the FOX network TV station for show in the US – so very excited.
Shows/gigs in UK – which i really cant wait to do, really looking forward to getting back on stage, all dates will be up on all my social sites including Myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube etc..
I am also currently writing songs for other artist and projects which i do enjoy too.
Oh yes , i cant forget the 5-9 job and training Kamon Wing Chun : )



The article has been written by Eira of Acuvi, a music blog focusing on new and unsigned music, and the people behind.

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