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17th May

Artist Review: KB the Boo Bonic

KB the Boo Bonic

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/630/KB+the+Boo+Bonic

WHOA is there a bio here. This is as long as my articles! This is a hip-hop/rap artist from Austin TX. She grew up on the old, true country music, giving her a really great appreciation for real songwriting. Meanwhile, her first CD was the Biggles’ “Life After Death” (edited) and got her hands on every bit of hip-hop and rap she could. The original Texans were her first favorites and influences, eventually leading her to release her own album in 2012, “Scars Are Sexy.”

Oh, but that’s only the intro. Next we get a background on her freestyling (which started at 16) where she watched the boys and knew she could tackle it just as well. She met producer Bad Boy Ben during college when she moved from Houston to Austin, and started cutting her first tracks and MCing for live shows. This paragraph I’m pulling info from basically outlines that year or so of live shows, and the next talks about what radio stations and albums she’s been featured on. Lots of credits here, folks.

The closing paragraph is the best – it’s on WHY she makes music and performs. Now THAT is what’s going to pull me in to listening. Maybe re-arrange some things here to grab us earlier, and let us be impressed by the credentials after we start to care about you as an artist.

“Scars Are Sexy” is the known track apparently, and the first one listed. Lead with your strengths I suppose. She definitely has a harder sound than I expected to hear. The beat is really great, though I’d ditch the cutesy dropping glittery sound throughout. Maybe place it a bit more strategically. Otherwise, a really tight track and well done.

Trying to figure out if there’s a message at the start of “Glitter Ain’t Gold,” just because it sounds like she’s trying to make a point off the bat. I think it just winds up being a self-understanding that it takes work to make it, but money isn’t a success measurer. Loving the chorus beat on here – it can get pretty catchy after a while. This is probably what should be the second single. Real and hard.

“2 Plays” seems to have a start story… with gunshots. Seriously, I judged a book by it’s cover, and I’m sorry. This girl is far more hardcore than I expected. Really love most of the beats she lays down though. This has a little less production involved, and sounds a bit more homemade, but respect for that either way.

Not sure what the title means, as I’ve never seen the second word before, but the next one up is “So Throed.” Lotsa autotune. I think, though apologies if I’m wrong. This is a bit of a slower jam, not so much hard rapping, so you can concentrate in just a little bit more. Not a bad job here either, and lots of respect for her for experimenting with more and more sounds.

“Click Clack” rounds things out with a shout out to get the beat up and people moving. She’s back to a faster rap, but this time she’s calling people got to get dancing and enjoying the beat, which kind of winds up making for an awesome song. She’s also got this infectious little beat in the background that sounds really rooted in the middle east, bringing a new sound to an already fun song if you’re even just listening to the lyrics. I don’t know why, but this one is a great close out as we leave for the night on this act.

Lots of respect for this lady. She’s doing what she wants, the way she wants, and it’s actually pretty ok on the ears. Hopefully someone else will hear that she’s got a good ear for beats and what to do with them, and work with her to really make this music incredibly great.

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