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7th May

Artist Review: So Carto


So Carto


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“Music can change the world because music can change people.” – Bono

That’s one of my favorite quotes, so when I see So Carto’s bio page start with “I want to change the world by changing Hip Hop culture,” I’m immediately intrigued. There’s a movement being attempted to change black culture, thus changing American culture, thus changing the world. Basically, the goal is complete freedom of expression, being attempted at with this first album. Admirable. Now, let’s see how the music stacks up.

“F4” is first up. Think of an earthquake. Think of Brock Lesner. What, no one else’s minds go there? I’m weird. Whatever. I’ll start by saying that the depth of the voice is unexpected, and the rhythm in the background is so simple I actually feel like I could make that happen. All that said, I guess you could call this song relatable. The rapping is understandable, even, and well done. Not what I was expecting given the title’s supposed intensity, but not a bad thing.

Turning up the volume a bit (as I turn down a little) we get “Mass Appeal” up next. Super computerized feel and an off-putting opening that would make me turn off the song if I weren’t devoted to hearing the whole thing. I can see this being not bad, though I think some of the production that went in may have been un-called for.

“Cosmophony” almost sounds like a show tune at the start. There are then these computerized strings added in that I totally don’t get right now. You normally only hear these kinds of things mixed in on an old electronic keyboard when you’re messing around with buttons. There’s something strangely familiar about whatever you want to call the melody-type thing that’s happening. Overall, a bit of an odd experience mixed in with the rest of the songs, especially when you hit the lowest register of notes in what I shudder to call the bridge.

Usually, interludes are only found on full albums, but if it’s one of your best five tracks, you should include it on your WLYS page. “Birth of Time (Interlude)” is… well, the sounds of a woman giving birth, set to some intergalactic sounds. Thank god this was just an interlude. And if this is some of the best from the artist, I’m a little worried.

“Dark Star” is the last song, and it sort of ties everything together. There’s a deepness to the vocals that we enjoyed in the first song and the odd spacey sounds that have been prevalent through the rest. I guess the rapping thing was just a phase, as I haven’t really heard it since. It’s hard to keep track of the words throughout as they drone just a bit, but there’s a finishing sound that’s rot of nice.

Kind of hit and miss with this artist, but I appreciate his effort. He didn’t hold back in trying whatever he could with what he was given. Though this particular music might not be on the road to change the world, he’s making the effort that so many would otherwise be too lazy to take on.

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