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26th Apr

Artist Review: Han Ho

Han Ho

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/811/Han+Ho

The bio on this one is legitimately a personal biography. We get this artist’s life story in a few paragraphs. This includes where they were born (Vietnam), the number of brothers and sisters they have (10), and when the love of guitar was sparked (at 13 or 14). And we seem to have a country traveler here who’s seen and lived in so many great places, which I’m hoping has had influence on what we’re about to hear.

“Life Belt” starts things off in an unexpected easy nature. Think BNL just a little bit to get a general feel. It’s nice, at least for the first minute or so, to not feel like the harmonies are completely computerized. Things feel sort of real for a change, like there’s some heart behind what we hear.

The next one up, “Remarkable Machine,” starts with a simple guitar strum, but one that certainly sounds like there’s more meaning behind it. I think the song’s about the world, or rather the machine, changing a person. But here’s the problem with the song, and yes, there is a problem: there are so many words that it’s hard to grasp on to anything conceptually throughout. You’d have to hear it many times, and in a once-over of just trying to get to know a band, that’s not in the cards.

“Cut With The Talk” is a conversational piece, I suppose you could say. He sets up the piece simply by sharing their conversation. This has a very Leonard Cohen feel, though his voice is nowhere as deep, of course. I’m not sure this is one to really get in to, but it does make for an interesting listen.

Now “Down the Line” sounds a little more in tune with what I was enjoying before. This might be the most home-hitting, sweet song yet. It’s a song about time, and you just need to take a few to hear it. It’s inspirational and interesting and great.

The final song is sort of a question, sort of a realization, but all of love. “Love, Anyway” is a gentle rocking to a great beat that’ll keep you dancing on the floor. From what I got here, it serves as a great close out number as well, giving us the last bit of cool, lite rock from Han Ho.

Now this was good music! There was that 90’s sound that I know so many of us can’t get enough of, combined with lyrics full of life and meaning that fills the mainstream airwaves today. This was really a good time all around, and I hope this artist reads this and knows that they’ve gained a fan for sure.


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