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19th Apr

Artist Review: Mark C Stafford


Mark C Stafford

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/916/Mark+C+Stafford

This is one of those bios you’re not sure if there was a PR person involved with, or if the artist comes up with this stuff themselves. Mark C Stafford, according to the writer, “is just a little bit different, but yet perfectly mainstream.” Well really, what the hell’s mainstream anymore? And yet they say we can’t place a label on Mark’s music.

Basically the bio comes up with cute ways of saying he’s a songwriter who’s grown from being a drummer into an arranger. Oh, and we can’t just hear one of his songs, or else we’re missing out – now that’s something I can get behind.

“Closing The Windows” starts off with just a light beat, joined in by layers of strings. While I get the immediate feeling of the familiar Garage Band work probably at hand, I like the working musically. The vocals come in, however, a little too canned. There needs to be something natural happening to really embrace the music, and unfortunately we’re missing out on that here.

The next one up is a little disorienting because is starts with the beeping of a machine, and I’m watching “Grey’s Anatomy” right now. Actually, the song sounds like something right out of the show. We, again, get the over-produced nature that computer recordings bring, but there’s heart to this song.

“December” actually starts with the closest thing to a real instrument sound I’ve heard yet – a sad piano. Now, granted, deleting a few of those vocal tracks might help drive home the point of the quiet song just a little bit better. No need for so many layers of voices on something like this. But I appreciate the telling of a story and interesting lyrical approach.

90’s MB20 sound? Lovely! “Will Is Weak” is an odd title that I can’t wrap my head around, and the song is a little darker than I thought at the start. He’s right – not one song meshes in with another, and this one in particular just is at the darkest end of his spectrum thus far.

“Merry-Go-Round” is the final song, starting off with – what else – laughing kids at a carnival! Of course there’s deeper meaning to the title, with the theme of a journey of twists and turns. The music is canned, but there’s an interesting approach here for sure.

Love the approach of songwriting, not in love with how it’s all pumped through a computer. A natural sound is what’s going to grip your audience – we can’t connect when it’s all coming from machines. But I like that this guy goes deep and for it all in each and every song. He didn’t lie – you need to hear it all to get the full effect, and even now, after only five songs, I know I’m missing out on a piece of this talented composer.

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