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12th Apr

Artist Review: Far and Few


far and few

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No information has been added by this artist… :(

So here’s the basics… whoever this person or band is, they’re in the Pop/Rock genre, and is/art from Santa Barbara, California. And he/they have five songs for us to judge them on their music alone.

“Spark the Fire” comes on first with a very old-school Blink feel in the opening, and I’m automatically prone to love that. Actually I have to give credit where it’s due – the sound’s different enough to be its own. Now, as far as the vocals go, I wouldn’t hate just a little added depth to this very airy sound that’s hard to follow against an intense backing. They just don’t mesh well. But the song’s gold in itself.

We get started on the next song with a strong guitar beat that can really get you feeling something. “Now” has that great lead in, and this time the voice is familiar and more appropriate. Thing the pop-punk bands of the early 2000’s and you’ll probably realize the influences here.

“Invocation” seems to sort of take the music a little harder, using more drums, particularly the symbols, and harsher chords. Then it all falls away to a voice and simple metal strum. Again, the pitch of the vocals takes me out of it, but the attempt to create a full song with some real meaning is very admirable. I think if I had been familiar with this music during high school, I would’ve loved it to this day.

In a good mix of number presented, we get the slower one now: “Confessions.” The lighter guitar lends itself very nicely to that voice. There’s also this interesting fast picking happening that’s 90’s-esq, but the combo with this style is, again, all its own.

“Light Up Forever” is the last song we get to hear, and in title alone it seems like an appropriate closer. Even the music, as it starts, sounds like one of those end-of-summer tracks at the final blow out party. Now, stronger vocals might help matters.

So we’ve got an old sound in a new band, but they do manage to bring themselves into the tracks. I wish I knew more about them, but for now, based on the music alone, I’m sort of neither here nor there on this one. The music was great, but the tone in the vocals needs a revamp.


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