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5th Apr

Artist Review: Answer Back


Answer Back Music


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1162/Answer+Back

Interesting scenario on this page – lots of information to read, and only one song offered to listen to. Hmm.

This is a group of newer guys, trying to plan things out and on the brink of excitement in starting a career in music. They’ve got their first video made, and are planning a tour.

Now, here’s something interesting to read. I didn’t think I’d see a day when “90’d punk-rock and 2000 pop” were described as influences. Am I old enough for that statement to be valid? They also adapt based on the crowd, which is cool, but unnerving when you’re hoping for young bands who stick to their own voices.

“One More Time” is the only song sampling we get on this page. Annnddd yeah, this is exactly what it was advertised to be. There’s definitely some Blink/Green Day influences in there, along with that higher-pitched 90’s male singer voice at the front. I wish I weren’t so tired, because this sounds like it could actually be pretty fun to get in to. The recording doesn’t suck, and the chorus is pretty teen-movie catchy.

Sorry y’all, I wasn’t given much to work with on this one, but hopefully there is more to come and hear! They seem like a cool group of guys who may have something there, if only they’d put more of it out there.

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