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27th Mar

Artist Review: Non Filtered


non filtered music

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1213/Non+Filtered

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a good electro/house artist, or at least a new AND good one. This should be fun.

Non Filtered started as a drummer and stage musician, as is working toward being a “well known producer and performer of electro.” His first full-length release is in production (Electronica Home Confinement) and is seeking a label – but for now we have him on WLYS.

It’s a simple description, but the guy’s honest and seemingly easy to deal with. Now, how’s the music?

“Amorsito” starts things off, and I have to say, I almost sort of missed this sound. It’s highly metallic, which I never love as it rises in pitch, but he’s got some cool things going on beat-wise here. Granted, the song goes on for-flipping-ever, with no end sounds in sight, but it makes for good background music without being distracting.

Dance party beat comes on in “Get Off Ur…” I mean, the end of that sentence has to be “…ass and dance,” right? I have to say, I am getting a little into it. It’ll probably go on forever and be exhausting, but the songs got this cool combo of funk and electronic, which is rare and awesome. I could seriously be okay hearing a lot more from this artist. Hopefully the rest holds up.

“Never Go Away” comes up next with this sort of entrancing beat and romantic undertone. I definitely have my foot tapping at the moment. You can almost feel the mood in the club of people completely shift into something more intoxicating.

Nice little dance-y movement and old school recording sound for “Cutlery.” I love the funk infusion into this! You can sort of feel the natural rhythms throughout and the ideas forming as the song flows. Now, not loving the added speaking parts into it, as they hit just a little too hard and out of sorts, but musically, this is absolutely awesome.

“The World Is Music” has me with the title because I’m an obsessed dork like that. It definitely has an around-the-world sound, but then he repeats the title line over and over… and over again. It gets to be a little much. Not the best of the bunch, though stands on its own well enough.

Oh man, this was cool. Just some dang good music overall. It’s been a while since I’ve heard stuff like this that I felt like really getting in to. This guy’s got a great future ahead of him if we can get more folks in to this music!

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