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18th Mar

Artist Review: debt collector


debt collector


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1299/debt+collector

Huh? Sorry – initial name reaction. It’s an alter ego deal for Phil Russell. He started his “musical odyssey” in 2004, making a lot of noise from just one man, contrary to what it sounded like apparently. This was under an old alias though. Then he switched over to this new one.

The rest of the bio goes on to cite some favorable reviews, listings of where you can find the music, and confusing language on the music and search for gigs.

And on a continuous downbeat, we’re getting early 90’s grunge with a singer swallowing the mic. “Poor Box” opens with “everything has gone to hell.” This is not the way to grab your audience right off the bat. I say that in hopes someone out there with learn a little something when building their own page!

“Loneliness” comes in with a computerized backbeat that’s pumped just a little too much on the recording end. My speakers sound blown out, and I have them at normal levels. The vocals… well, I just can’t say anything nice here, so I’m not going to say anything at all. Except for the fact that this is a huge mess of noise and I need it off immediately.

Now, “Wrath of Ages” sounds like something I could get into if it were a little cleaned up and I was a little more in to Dylan. I would probably also like this more if I didn’t have a headache following the string of high pitched noise in the middle of the song.

“Bonfire Night” starts off so low and slight I think I could get into the oddness just enough to enjoy. And you know what? If the vocals were anything other that mindless droning where I can’t understand a damn important lyric throughout the whole thing, I might really love this mellow number.

Final song time. “Genes” closes things out with a strumming guitar and straining voice. Yah know, I’m starting to just plain ol’ wonder (and hope) that these songs would song better it someone else took over the instrumental arrangement and vocals. There are good ideas there, but they are just not coming out in any sort of good way for normal ears to enjoy.

Musically, ouch. Artist Page – well, confusing, but there’s an attempt. It’s going to take a bit more work, but there’s an attempt here, and a strong one at that, which makes me have a bit of respect for the debt collector.


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