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We Love Your Songs.com


31st Jan

10 days to discover the Best New Unsigned Artist and the Best New Song !

Three months after the launch of website, weloveyoursongs.com is now overflowing of great unsigned artists and sure hits right there to be listened and voted. We will discover now in 10 days which are the most loved artists of our community of the first edition of the Best New Unsigned Artist and the Best New Song competitions. The Tyrannosaurus Grace are actually leading both contests, with Roman Holiday, Alfia Yussupova, Sertari and Mark Marshall just few votes away from them. Just reminds that the voting, and the subscriptions, will be open until the 10th of February at midnight Pacific Standard Time - 8AM GMT of 11th of February, British Time.

It's now time to call your fans to support you in this final 10 days rush that is going to be extremely hot!

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